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Megadroid Results: Wed 13th Oct 2010 — 2 Comments

  1. Hi there. I’m really happy I found your blog. I bought and installed Megadroid on my FXDD live and demo accounts almost 2 weeks ago. I started with 5% risk and had one successful trade on demo. Nothing yet on the live account. I spoke to Megadroid customer support and they said Ishould increase risk to a minimum of 10%. They said 5% was too low and MD would take fewer or no trades. I usually trade a 2% strategy with EAs and manual systems so 10% is a large risk allocation to me. Have you heard or observed that the risk allocation effects trading frequency? There’s also the fact that the one trde I had on demo was at 5% risk. Thanks for any input.

  2. Hi sandy,

    I’ve never heard of the RiskLevel settings impacting the frequency of trades, unless it is set too high and there’s not enough account margin to keep the trade open. If RiskLevel is set too low, I thought it would just default to the minimum lot size. Perhaps I’m wrong.

    I personally trade using fixed lots, rather than using the Megadroid RiskLevel, as it gives me more control. I know the Megadroid stops are usually about 50 pips, and can be up to 100 pips in extreme situations, and so I adjust my lot size according to how much money I’m prepared to risk.

    So for example, if I had a $10,000 account I might set the lot size to 100k EUR/USD. Then if I get a 50 pip loss I’d lose 5% ($500) or 10% with a 100 pip loss.

    To use Fixed lots on Megadroid, set RiskLevel to 0, and set LotSize to the lots size you want to use.

    If you’re concerned about trades not getting through on FXDD, why not set RiskLevel = 0, and LotSize = 0.10, and that should trade 10k EUR/USD on every trade.

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