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Megadroid Results: Tues 16th Nov 2010 — 5 Comments

  1. Correction: Here are my results for my 2nd Day Trading with MD

    I am using version 1.30

    Broker is Easy Forex.

    Total number of trades: 17 ( biggest loss -63 pips )

    Total pips : 39

    Total number of open trades : 1 ( -100 pips )

    Aggressive = true, Recovery Mode = true, Risk Level = 0.3, Slippage = 3

    Tough luck that I manage to catch EURUSD tumbling on just my second day.

  2. Hi Ian,

    I am a bit puzzled. You had 17 trades by MD 1.3 in two days? How do you do that ? Are you shifting the times through GMT offset ?

  3. Hi

    I just started MD this week and so far I only had 2 trades since monday November 15.

    broker: FXopen

    Do you think I should change brokers as what the admin said when i asked?

  4. Hi Vikki,

    Megadroid usually only places about 6 to 10 trades per month (see Monthly Results).

    I’ve actually had no trades this week on my accounts with Default settings. The only account I have that has placed trades this week so far is my Alpari UK Late account, which has non-standard GMT settings (see here). So 2 trades this week isn’t anything to be concerned by.

    Ian’s results are very strange. No one gets 18 trades per day with Megadroid. I suspect he’s having some sort of technical issue e.g wrong gmt settings.

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