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Megadroid Results: Tues 23rd Nov 2010 — 11 Comments

  1. Hi Richard,

    Thanks for your instructions regarding getting the S1 and S2 info for trades. I did as you said and got the detailed report. All information is displayed but still no info on S1 or S2 (with the magic numbers you said). Any idea why?



  2. George. There are some services like MT4 Intelligence and Myfxbook that can connect to your account, see every trades you made and show them with its magic number too, besides some interesting stats.

  3. Hi George,

    Here’s a screen grab of one of my Detailed Report statements.


    You should see either 77777773 or 33333337 under in the “Price” column.

    77777773 = S1 trade
    33333337 = S2 trade

    Do you see those numbers on your statement?

  4. Well, Almandine, look for a button labeled “Custom Analysis” (just below “Search” field, near top right of the page). Pick this button and you can see several filters, one of them is Magic Number. You can choose what Magic you want to be listed.

  5. Hi everyone:
    First, thanks for Richard creating this useful blog. Second I just want to clarify the “S1” and “S2”. According to MegaDroid team “S1” and “S2” number are set within the parameter “S1_reference” and “S2_reference”. MegaDroid team suggest user change it once a while so the broker can’t detect you are using MegaDroid. “77777773” and “33333337” are the default setting when we purchased MegaDroid. So if you change your “S1_reference” to something other than “77777773”, you will see something else instead of “77777773”.

  6. Hi Matt,

    Yes if you change S1_reference and/or S2_reference you’ll see those different numbers on the Detail Report Statement. My example referred to the default settings.

    I’ve personally never bothered changing those numbers. I don’t think it matters.

    Those numbers are just custom identifying numbers an EA (like Megadroid) can assign when it places a trade on a MT4 server. Once the trade is open, Megadroid uses this number to distinguish it’s own trades from other EUR/USD trades that may have been placed manually or by some other EA.

    The MT4 documentation refers to this identifying number as a “magic number”. The reality is it’s nothing special. Just about every API I’ve come across allows you to assign some sort of custom number or text identifier to a trade.

  7. Thanks for the information gents. Richard your report is different to mine. I checked again and I don’t have the magic numbers under my price. However, I found a not so good way, if I hover the cursor over any particular line in the Detailed Report, then is states the magic number, but this is not particualy user friendly. Does anyone know how to get it printed, as above in Richard’s example?


  8. George, I think I know why. Before you print the Detailed Report, make sure you’ve enabled Comments, You do this by right clicking and making sure there’s a tick next to Comments in the menu.

  9. Richard,

    You are a star. Thanks very much. You cracked it. It seems I had a s1 and s2 trade, both losing abput 60 pips. I guess every second is a little critical in terms of if MD is going to open trade, so I was just unlucky.

    I hope I can be of some help in the future too.


  10. Hi George,

    I’m glad it worked.

    Well at least we know now what the 2 trades were. If one was S1 and the other S2, it was probably just bad luck rather than a software glitch. If you had 2 S1 or 2 S2 trades, then that would suggest some sort of technical problem.

    There was a fair bit of variability in peoples results that day. Most people got the S2 loss trade, but a few also got an S1 loss trade. It didn’t really seem to be broker specific either.

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