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Megadroid Results: Thur 2nd Dec 2010 — 12 Comments

  1. Hi, Richard.
    Watching my log, I see that when my MD send a open order request, the system needs more than 30 seconds to open it (in some cases 45 seconds). I don’t know if this delay is broker dependant, or regular market delay…. Do you see the same on your accounts? Thanks.

  2. Hi Xere,

    A 20 second delay is not uncommon with MT4 brokers unfortunately. 45 seconds is a little unusual though. However I don’t watch the trades that closely.

  3. on my fxpro and activtrades I have on average 3sec.
    I changed from ATC since I was having on average 20 sec !
    this delay are important for Megadroid performance 😉

  4. Hi albatore,

    The problem with ATC is that they are using FXCM for their price feed and order execution. I’ve personally had terrible experiences with FXCM over many years. In particular poor order execution (orders getting delayed, hanging, or not being able to close), huge slippage, strange quotes, poor backoffice etc etc. I ran Megadroid on FXCM during most of 2009, and the performance was so bad compared to my other brokers, I had to stop. This is why I’m not even bothering to track the performance at FXCM in this blog. I’ve experienced the same issues on other types of FXCM accounts as well, and this has been happening over a few years. Other colleagues have had similar issues.

    I’m not sure how long you’ve been trading at FxPro, but I suspect you’ve noticed a huge performance improvement after moving from ATC/FXCM. As you can see on my Monthly Results, FxPro has probably been my best performing megadroid broker over the past 3-4 months. Hopefully it continues.

  5. Just realized the MB trading account has been doing OK over the past few months. That account tends to trade a bit differently than the other accounts. It often gets signals the other accounts don’t, and misses others. But it’s track record has been decent. Maybe an option for those restricted to US accounts.

  6. Thanks Richard for your comment;
    Actually I began trading MD in July on FXCM hosted on a Boston technology VPS. I had so poor trading results compared to your site. For me a good benchmark is the average pips per trade won.
    From July to November, my result was 37 trades / 40.5 pips = 1.09
    I did the same benchmark with your data and a good broker is between 3 to 4

    Meanwhile I tried to open an ATC account since MD team publish their result on a ATC account… my result was worse than with FXCM ! Execution delay really terrible !

    So I really wonder if the MD statement is a real one…

    So since November, I trade on FXPRO and Activtrades.
    And I follow the performance with yours, thanks to your site! You gave me a lot of best practices 🙂
    If you want I can publish also my montly result for FXPRO and Activtrade at the end of each month.

  7. Andrei I took the Interbank Account
    Variable spreads and automatic trading capability using Expert Advisors for any trader wishing to deal directly on the liquidity provider’s quotes.

  8. albatore, I’m glad your results have improved.

    As your experiences suggest, broker selection is just crucial with Megadroid. It can be the difference between making money or losing money.

    That’s the whole reason why I record the performance at each broker in this blog.

  9. Hi albatore.

    I can’t see how Megadroid is a martingale system personally. Martingale systems typically just add trades with double the lot size, if the open trade goes into drawdown. They keep on adding double sized trades if the price continues to go against the open orders. Eventually the account will margin call. Megadroid only places one trade of either S1 or S2 type at a time. It has the option of doubling the trade size after several consecutive losses if you enable recovery mode (which I don’t). That article was actually promoting an ebook the author is selling. He also says the megadroid EA is a ponzi system, which I find rather a bizarre statement.

    You’ll find a lot of articles on the internet that deliberately try to say controversial stuff about popular products so they can get attention, and then they’ll promote some other product they’re selling. It’s a favorite trick amongst the internet marketers. To illustrate point if you type in the name of any EA plus the word “scam” into Google, you’ll get a huge number of hits to various sales pages selling all sorts of stuff. Unfortunately a lot of “articles” on the internet are really marketing/sales pages in disguise.


    Yes the risk:reward for megadroid is poor, but the important point to factor in is the high win rate, which is around 80 to 90%. So even though the winners are much smaller than the large losing trades, the high frequency of the winning trades can offset this, but not always.

    So it’s basically a balance between: Frequent small winners Versus Infrequent larger losers.

    It is VERY broker dependent. If a broker blocks some winning trades, or has a few more stops, then Megadroid could easily become unprofitable. That’s why I monitor the performance at each broker so carefully.

    Monthy income?

    This year I’ve had 2 losing months (November and August). but I’m definitely up for the year. I trade fixed lots, and don’t compound. I don’t use recovery mode either. In 2009 I had one losing month (July 2009) and made an overall profit that year as well

    So I personally don’t make a regular monthly income trading megadroid. My goal is to just be in profit each year.

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