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Megadroid Results: Thur 6th Jan 2011 — 30 Comments

  1. Lots of trades today. There was some unusual volatility in the EURUSD pair after 4PM EST that worked in Megadroid’s favor.

    There was also a lot of variability in the S2 trade performance across the brokers.

  2. Hi!

    Only 3.3 pips with S1 and 0.1 pips with S2! FX Pro is my broker and I have Megadroid on a VPS. And all of this after the loss on 16 dec – 63.5 pips. Is there anybody with similar problems?!

  3. Hi andrei,

    I’m surprised by that poor result on FxPro. Were your open prices for the 2 trades similar to mine?

    If your entry prices were worse for some reason, that might explain why you didn’t get to the 10 pip profit target on the S1 trade, and it might also explain the stop you had on 16th of December.

    I’m actually just trading from a spare home computer, with a ping time to the FxPro server of around 300ms. So I’m surprised that my performance is better than what you’re achieving on a VPS.

  4. Hi Richard!

    Below are the details:

    2011.01.05 00:11 sell eurusd 1.33122 1.34342 1.32622 2011.01.05 01:31 1.33089

    2011.01.06 23:16 buy eurusd 1.30035 1.29394 1.30510 2011.01.07 01:03 1.30036

    and when the SL was hit:

    2010.12.16 23:00 sell eurusd 1.32348 1.32984 1.31868 2010.12.17 08:24 1.32984

    2010.12.17 00:00 sell eurusd 1.32449 1.33642 1.31849 2010.12.17 01:01 1.32413

    So, you think that could be a problem with the ping time… Home I have it around 300ms, like yours. But the VPS have 1ms.
    I can see also a problem when I compare the time you and I enter the market.

    I have compared my results from 18.11 to 18.12 with your site, Megadroid site and another 2 people with accounts at myfxbook.com and my account stay the worst πŸ™

    What is your advice?

    Thank you. Again.

  5. Hi andrei,

    The first trade you mentioned (2011.01.05 00:11 sell eurusd 1.33122 1.34342 1.32622 2011.01.05 01:31 1.33089), is from Tuesday night (see HERE). It’s similar to what I got.

    So, on Thursday night it seems you got one Buy order at 23:16 hours whereas I got 2 Buy orders about 1 hour latter. I’m not really sure why that happened. But the 2 buy orders I got at FxPro also occurred at most of my other Megadroid accounts.

    Are you using Megadroid version 1.30?

    Are AutoLocalGmtOffset and AutoServerGmtOffset both set to true?

  6. Hi Richard,

    Yes, both are set to true and version is 1.3. I am starting to become a little confused about the solution (if exist one).

  7. Think I know what happened.

    This trade you got……

    2011.01.06 23:16 buy eurusd 1.30035 1.29394 1.30510 2011.01.07 01:03 1.30036

    ….is the same trade I got on these 2 accounts…

    MB Trading S1 Buy: 16:16:06 1.30008 -> 16:26:44 1.30114 10.6 pips
    GO Markets S1 Buy: 23:16:11 1.30015 -> 23:26:40 1.30112 9.7 pips

    The reason your trade didn’t close at 10 pips profit, was that your entry price looks to be 2-3 pips worse than what I got at MB or GO. This meant your trade stayed open, and prevented another S1 buy order from opening that I got on my FxPro account that occurred at 00:24.

    So it was the slippage on the first order that was the culprit in this case.

  8. I think you are right!

    What is your opinion about a solution to prevent this things happend again?

    1. Rise slippage in megadroid settings to 4 pips?
    2. Put megadroid on home computer (ping time around 300ms)?
    3. Stay on VPS an keep on trying?
    4. Another solution πŸ™‚

    Thank you.

  9. I know this sounds counterintuitive, but in the past for some reason I got worse results using a VPS. This was an unexpected finding for me, because I assumed the low latency offered by the VPS would result in better performance. I never worked out for sure why this happened.

    One possibility could have been a transient increase in load on the VPS server. Remember there may be 3 to 8 other people using the same physical computer server, and if a number of them are also trading Megadroid, then they’ll all be fighting for the same computer resources at the same time. If this happened, if could delay the order by a few 100 ms. Another possible reason, is that slower orders may avoid a bottle neck at the broker.

    If I was in your situation, I’d run Megadroid on the same account, from BOTH the VPS and home computer for a few months, and observe the differences in order execution. I’d trade 1/2 the lots on the VPS and 1/2 the lots from the home computer. To do this you’ll need to change the S1 and S2 reference numbers on the home computer, so that they’re different than the default ones used by Megadroid running on the VPS

    For example…

    On the VPS:

    On the home computer

    It doesn’t matter what the reference numbers on the home computer are, so long as they’re different than the ones used on the VPS. Megadroid uses these numbers to identify open trades.

  10. You are THE MAN!
    I will follow your advice.

    Do you think I have to buy another licence for Megadroid to use on home computer? I remember that you can not use Megadroid on two real accounts.

    Thank you. Again and again πŸ™‚

  11. Hi Linus,

    I don’t trade at JadeFx, IamFx or FinFx because all those brokers are unregulated. I only trade at properly regulated brokers because of funds safety issues. To me funds safety is the #1 priority.

    I don’t use ATC because they use FXCM for their order execution. FXCM is about the worst performing broker I’ve ever come across for Megadroid. I’ve had very poor trading results at FXCM due to unreliable order execution, slippage, and an erratic price feed. I traded Megadroid at FXCM for most of 2009 but had to discontinue because of it’s poor performance compared to other brokers.

  12. Hi Richard,

    I just bought Megadroid and have an account with 3 brokers(fxpro, fxcm and alpari). Will I be able use my single licence on all the 3 accounts or I will have to buy 2 more megadroids.

    Please advise urgently before I make a crucial decision. Will I also be able to access my accounts from different workstations. (i.e. on my work computer and my private computer at work)

    Anyone, with an answer to the above. Please advise.


  13. Hi Linus:
    All those test are based on Demo account, take it with a gain of salt. Also, I traded FXCM with MD on the second half of 2010, bad performance as what Richard mentioned.

  14. Hi James,

    I personally have multiple licenses for my trading accounts.

    But, from what I’ve read on various forums, some people just use the one license and don’t appear to have any problems. I’m not sure what Megadroid’s policy is in that regard though.

    Probably the best thing to do is contact them directly : support[at]forex-megadroid.com

  15. Checked with MD about licensing. You can run MD on 1 live account and as many demo accounts as you want.

    This means it’s not CPU dependent, ie. VPS and home computer is fine. You could have MD on both pointing to same account and not violate the licensing. Or you could have several instances of MD on a vps with different settings like aggressive turned on one chart but off on another, or recovery on, or off.

  16. Hi, Richard
    I am thinking to open Real account with Alpari UK for MD trading. What do You think about this broker and are You overall satisfied with MD performance on it?

    Thank You for info in advance

  17. Who needs Mega droid for trading when there’s trend all over the place….on thursday Eur/usd jumped 120 pips and i caught that.

  18. Hi Ikariux,

    Right now, Alpari UK and FxPro are probably the most consistent performers with Megadroid. However it’s impossible to know if this will change over the next few months. Alpari UK have much better regulation than FxPro, which is an important factor to consider.

    I think I’ve posted about 10 months of trade data from those brokers now. The Monthly Results section is a good guide as to how they performed over this period.

  19. Hi Eric,

    To evaluate your trading strategy, you really need to gather at least 12 months of trading data before you can draw any conclusions IMO. One isolated win (or loss) won’t tell you much. A good approach would be to record your individual trades over an extended period (say 12 months), and analyze your performance based on that data. I do this with other strategies I trade.

  20. Hi Richard,

    I have just started to read up on Forex and MegaDroid recently. I was thinking I will start off small with US$1000 deposit with Go Market using MD. I’ll getting MD these few days.

    Do you mind sharing your setting of MD to get me started ? Do you recommend Go Market if I only plan to have 1 live account ?

    Feel free to email to me if you think it is better to be private with your setting πŸ™‚


  21. Hi Charles,


    You’ll find all the settings I use posted HERE.

    I pretty much use the default settings, with aggressive mode enabled, and recovery mode disabled, and I use fixed lots. I use the same settings on all of my accounts.


    I prefer not to recommend any brokers if that’s OK. I try to remain independent.

    I have been using Megadroid on my Go Markets account since about April 2009. Initially they performed very well, but the performance deteriorated around July 2009 when they changed their servers from Instant Execution to STP Market Execution. Since then their performance has been variable. Sometimes good and sometimes ordinary compared to the other brokers. I have noticed that they seem to change their server location and liquidity providers a lot more that my other brokers for some reason. I’m not sure whether this is why I’ve had variable performance with them.

    In terms of recent performance, my GO Markets account performed poorly in October and November, but improved in December and so far in January. It’s hard to know how well they’ll perform over the next few months.

  22. How are you counting lots? Lets say i have 2000$ deposit, what will be the size of lot you will trade with this deposit size? 0,2?

  23. Hi Ikariux,

    I personally choose a lot size based on how much money I’m willing to risk per day, rather than on the size of my account balance.

    Say for example I’m willing to risk a $600 USD Megadroid loss per day in an account. I know from past results that the maximum loss on Megadroid is about 120 pips if I trade with aggressive mode on. That means $600/120 pips = $5/pip. So I’d trade a 50k EUR/USD lot in that case.

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