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Megadroid Results: Wed 4th May 2011 — 28 Comments

  1. I have talk with support and they says that autotrading between 22 and 24 CET is not possible till now.How can you have a trade with megadroid?

  2. Richard,tell me please what kind of trade account do you use on FXDD?Is it MTXtreme with min amount 5k and comission or MT4 mini with 250 USD or standart accoun with min 1k deposit?

  3. Richard
    Many thanks for your trade logs!!
    It is very helpful in comparing trades and history.
    On my Alpari Classic and Micro-1 I do had the 14 pips.

  4. Hi Richard and Andrew:
    Renaming the MD in FxPro didn’t work for me any more since two weeks ago. It returns error. I think FxPro somehow has ban my account during those hours instead of the name of the EA. Good luck for those still able to trade MD in FxPro.

  5. yes I’m still working with that version …. I will see further trades what’s the restult… I let you know but I really don’t like this behavour ….

  6. I agree albatore.

    Regardless of whether trades get through or not, FxPro’s deliberate blocking of Megadroid is poor behavior. In my view the ban was implemented because of the losses they incurred when they placed trades against their client’s Megadroid trades.

    However, from experience I know that whenever a MT4 broker(s) bans a particular strategy, that strategy is usually a profitable one. Brokers know the adverse publicity banning a strategy can have, and would only resort to such measures if their losses were significant.

  7. Hi Beat,

    You’re welcome. I think it’s good to compare trades, especially with an EA like Megadroid that trades infrequently. That way you can see if your broker’s performing OK, and make changes if necessary.

    Hopefully the Monthly Results on this blog give people an idea of the ups and downs of this strategy, so that they develop some realistic expectations regarding it’s performance. There’s always going to be loss months, and flat periods, but over time it’s been profitable thus far.

  8. Hi antonio,

    I’m not sure why you didn’t get a trade on Alpari UK classic.

    Sometimes I don’t get a trade that others get, without any obvious reason. It just happens from time to time. So long as there’s no obvious technical reason (i.e. lost connection, authentication error etc), the results should average themselves out over time. Also remember I’m trading all my accounts with “RemoteSafetyMode=false”.

  9. Hi Richard,
    thanks for your valuable advice! I have true remote safety mode. I now set my MegaDroid exactly like yours.

  10. Hi everyone.

    Does anyone have an other reliable EA and good EA to suggest (that you use… 🙂 )
    Thank you for your answers.

    Does anyone know that EA http://www.fxoriginal.com it seems to be quite reliable track verified with Myfxbook …


  11. Hi Richard,
    what does the “RemoteSafetyMode” function actually measure? And how does it help? Presumably it is an enhancement giving the option of a lower risk strategy.


  12. Hi Aspro,

    From my understanding “RemoteSafetyMode” is a feature that allows the Megadroid people, upon their discretion, to disable Megadroid from trading on a particular day if they view the market conditions as unfavourable.

    I personally prefer to always trade Megadroid without any intervention, that’s why I disable this feature.

  13. Hi Richard,

    I realize this is a late comment and may be missed but I wanted to let you know about a large discrepancy I had compared to you. I’ve been trading with the EA Megadroid since May of 2009. This April I started following your results site. I trade with InterbankFX in the US. My results have been similar with the exception of today. Your Interbank AU account was almost the same as my Interbank US account.

    S2 Buy: 21:01:16 1.48296 -> 22:18:01 1.48301 0.5 pips

    It seems hard to believe that my US results were nearly identical to your AU trade and your US trade went in at nearly 10 pips less than mine. My MD settings are the same as yours with the exception of the Remote Safety Mode (mine is currently enabled). Any ideas?


  14. Hi Mark,

    Yes, it seems my InterbankFx AU order was slipped 10 pips when it opened. Whereas my InterbankFx US order wasn’t. From what you’re saying, your InterbankFx US order was slipped 10 pips as well. When a broker slips, it’s not uncommon to find some orders that have slipped more than others. It just depends on the order in which the trades were executed at the broker’s trade server. What’s interesting is that my order that didn’t slip, actually arrived 5 seconds after the order that slipped 10 pips.

    InterbankFx S2 Buy: 21:01:33 1.48199 -> 22:17:58 1.48287 8.8 pips InterbankFx AU S2 Buy: 21:01:28 1.48296 -> 22:18:16 1.48299 0.3 pips

    This slippage is more a function of a broker. InterbankFx is an MT4 STP broker, and therefore there’s no way to limit slippage. 10 pips of slippage seems excessive to me, considering none of the orders on the other brokers slipped. There’s not much you can do about it unfortunately, other than just monitor the results carefully. Perhaps it was a one-off event, but if it continues that would be cause for concern. Excess slippage like that certainly increases the chances of a large loss, because the take profit level is further away than it would otherwise have been.

    The Remote Safety Mode setting isn’t a factor. This feature just allows the disabling of Megadroid during conditions that are viewed as being unfavourable.

  15. Hi Richard,

    Thanks for your timely response. Is there any chance that the data for your US and AU trades were reversed? I leave my slippage setting at 3 pips. Shouldn’t that have prevented the 10 pip slip or is that setting irrelevant because IBFX is an STP broker? Can slippage be detected in the Experts log?

    Thanks for your help

  16. Hi Mark,

    Trade data..

    I double checked the trade data, and I can confirm that the trades posted are correct. So only my InterbankFx AU trade got slipped 10 pips. But remember both the Interbank US and Interbank AU trades get processed by the same trade servers in the US. So I could have easily got slipped on both or just the US trade. When significant slippage occurs at a broker, you often see a variation in open prices, depending on the order in which the trade server receives the orders. So it will come down to luck.

    Slippage setting…

    Unfortunately the slippage setting only works on Instant Execution type MT4 brokers. It has no effect with STP brokers like InterbankFx (see MT4 Brokers – Instant Execution Vs Market Execution)

    Logging slippage…

    The MT4 terminal doesn’t have an inbuilt way to do this, but it is possible if the Megadroid code was modified to calculate the difference between the price when the market order request was sent, and the price it actually opened at.

    But you can actually deduce the slippage by just comparing the open prices across several trades on various brokers. For example, on this trade day most of the open prices were very similar. The only exception was my InterbankFx Au open price.

    At this stage I’d just watch to see what happens over the next few weeks. InterbankFx have been generally OK over the past few months. This may have been a one-off thing. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

  17. Hi Richard,

    Thanks for your detailed explanation. I read your post on MT4 Brokers – Instant Ex. vs. Market Ex. along with the comments. In the comment you made on July 12th, 2010 there was concern about IBFX’s switch to Market Execution and noted it may take a couple of months to see any possible impact. That being said, have you seen any negative impact stemming from that change (in your opinion)? I’ve only traded with IBFX thus far. With the increased NFA restrictions here in the US I’d been thinking about moving to an off-shore broker with no US presence. I know the Megadriod Team was encouraging people to move to FinFX. However, I read that FinFX is not regulated and may be a risky bet for a broker. Your opinion on broker options for myself, being a US based Megadriod user, would be appreciated.


  18. Hi Mark,

    I wouldn’t stress too much over one bad trade on InterbankFx today. Even though their performance deteriorated after changing to STP in August last year, their performance has still been reasonable compared to other brokers like Alpari UK (see Monthly Results).

    Regardless of the broker, I reckon it’s a good idea to trade on 2-3 of the best performing brokers, that way if one broker does poorly or misses a trade, the other ones will still profit.

    In terms of the US brokers other than InterbankFx, it’s worth considering FXDD and FxSol – both those brokers are Instant Execution brokers and seem to be doing OK. MB Trading may be an option, but it seems to trade a bit differently than the other accounts for some reason.

    The best thing to do is just review my Monthly Results for all the brokers. That’s what I do myself when trying to determine how much to trade at each broker.

  19. Hi Richard,

    Thanks for your feedback. I’ll continue to monitor your daily trades and review your past monthly results. Once again thanks for your help and I’ll keep you in mind if I need additional MD copies.


  20. Hello
    Richard,could you write your average profit data in percentage?How much do you get average monthly% and annual (for example for 2010 year)from trade?


  21. Hi Andrew,

    I personally trade fixed lots sizes on Megadroid and don’t compound. I just make sure I have enough money in the account to trade the lot sizes I want.

    I trade a total of about 250k lot spread over my 10 accounts. If I average about 50 pips in a month, I’ll make $750 ($50 x 25) in that month. If I lose 20 pips, I’ll lose $500. So my risk level is fixed. My focus is on choosing the best performing brokers, so that I can increase my average pip return per month. That’s why I record and compare my Megadroid trade results on each of my accounts.

    Therefore account growth doesn’t mean much for me. I’m more focused on generating a certain profit each month with a fixed dollar risk.

    If your focus is on account compounding and % growth, then you could easily deduce that from my Monthly Results. It will entirely depend on how aggressively you trade though. From my results, you can see that my average Monthly pip return is about 30-40 pips, depending on the broker. Lets say 30 pips. So if you had a $1000 account, and where trading a 30k lot, 30 pips would be 30 x $3/pip = $90. On a 1kUSD account balance that would be a 9% gain in that month. On the downside, if the account lost 20 pips, that would mean a $60 (20 x 3) loss or 6% in that month. Obviously the more aggressively you trade, the greater the risk.

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