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Megadroid Results: Mon 16th May 2011 — 21 Comments

  1. i have a alpari clasic account, i see that you put 8.7 pips profit this day( 16/05/2011), but really in my account the result its 0.6pips, so i think thatyou have a mistake between the profit results of the alpari micro-1 account and the alpari clasic account, can yo confirm?

  2. Hi magiaint,

    I rechecked my Alapri Classic statement. The reported trade is correct. Even though my Alpari UK Classic and Micro-1 S2 buy trades had the same entry price and time, only the Classic account managed to close out at 8.7 pip profit for some reason. Presumably there was a spike on the Alpari Classic account that worked in my favour. None of the trades on my other accounts got this profit either. It’s a bit strange.

    Did anyone else get this trade result on Alpari Classic?

    Alpari UK (Micro-1) S2 Buy: 23:12:15 1.41544 -> 2:04:04 1.41550 0.6 pips Alpari UK (Classic) S2 Buy: 23:12:15 1.41544 -> 0:15:12 1.41631 8.7 pips

    I should add my classic account is connected to the server “AlpariUK-Classic-1”. There might be more than one Classic server, and that may explain the different results.

  3. hi,

    my result
    FxPro Buy: 23:01 1.41787 -> 8:37 1.41788 0.1 pips

    a question for all readers.
    which broker would you recommend?
    I would like to open a real account with fxpro. but I didn’t understand if now bans megadroid.
    in addition to regularly change s1_reference and s2_reference, what should I do?
    other precautions?
    I kindly ask clarification.

    thanks for your attention.

  4. Hi Alex,

    I share your concern with FxPro. I feel it’s only a matter of time before we stop getting any Megadroid trades through.

    Brokers apart from FxPro?

    Based on the results this year (see Megadroid Monthly Results), Alpari UK, Axitrader, and InterbankFx have been decent performers for me. Go Markets tends to get a few spurious large losses, although apparently they’ve changed their server again which might improve things. It’s a bit too early to tell with FxSol, as I’ve only been trading them for a few months, but they’ve been OK so far. Along with FxPro, Alpari UK have probably been the most consistent performer with Megadroid over a long period.

    So, there are a few options at the moment.

  5. Hello Richard
    Why do you think this night was not opened trade with FXDD?
    I have opened live account with them and MD have wrote in terminal “Spread limit exceeded” and spread was between 4.5-6.0 pips.
    You have experience with FXDD trade, is it often when spreads was so high?

  6. Hi Andrew,

    I didn’t get an FXDD trade today either. My log also had a “spread limit exceeded” message, and that’s probably why I didn’t get a trade.

    I have been trading at FXDD for quite a while now. In general, I get less Megadroid trades on that account compared to my others accounts for some reason.

  7. thank you very much Richard.
    I will come often to disturb you in the near future. 🙂

    just a clarification:
    MD at this moment blocked by FxPro?

  8. Hi Alex,

    At this stage FxPro are still trying to block Megadroid from trading on their accounts.

    I think it’s only a matter of time before they shut down all Megadroid accounts.

    FxPro must be losing money on their Megadroid trading accounts. That’s the only reason why they’d take such measures.

  9. HI Richard

    Sorry about that. I am a real dumba55.
    Is it possible to remove all “trick” posts as recommended by Alex?


  10. Hi guys,

    Good idea. OK, I’ll go through the comments and delete references to that trick.

    I guess if anyone new wants to know what it is, they can always contact me directly via the contact form.

  11. Hi Richard
    Thanks for your answer.
    Please can you tell me if you have a alpari clasic 1 ????, becasuse i have the account alpari clasic 2 and my result correspond at same of the alpari micro 1.
    I will apreciatte your answer

    Alpari UK (Micro-1) S2 Buy: 23:12:15 1.41544 -> 2:04:04 1.41550 0.6 pips

    Alpari UK (Classic) S2 Buy: 23:12:15 1.41544 -> 0:15:12 1.41631 8.7 pips

  12. Just for information, my results from
    two Alpari UK classi and two on Micro-1 account

    Classic a) two trades, one + 2 pip, one – 1 pip
    Classic b) two trades, one – 1,5 pip, one – 0,3 pip

    Micro-1 two trades, one – 1 pip, one + 1.3 pip

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