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Megadroid Results: Thur 26th May 2011 — 17 Comments

  1. activtrades : 10 pips
    fxpro 2 trades : 6.8 + 7.9 pips =14.7pips
    Alpari : 7.1 + 10 = 17.1 pips
    Finfx : 10.2 + 9.3 = 19.5pips

  2. Ver.1.35=
    _1=System Parameters
    _2=Comment Position
    _3=Strategy Parameters
    _4=Order Management
    _5=Ratio Order Management

    this is the default setting
    MegaDroid decides LotSize
    to set fixed LotSize (esempio 0.5), as I do?

  3. Hi Richard,
    I trade with IBFX and had only one trade as well. I am Stealth, Aggressive and do not have Remote Safety activated. My log showed the spread was back in range @ 16:57:22 and went out of range again @ 17:02:26. It looks like the 2nd trade at the other brokers went in either on the hour or by 01m 23s after the hour. If the log is correct that would mean MD should have made a 2nd trade. Any ideas as to why it didn’t execute? Also, it looks like FinFx did quite well. Any temptation to trade with them even though they aren’t regulated?

  4. Hi Mark,

    Variation in trades?

    You’ll always see a variation in Megadroid trades and fills at various Megadroid brokers. I wrote this article (Why do Megadroid trades vary on different brokers) about why this happens. Remember, Megadroid ‘s trade decisions are based on technical indicators, and technical indicator values vary from broker the broker. Yesterday it might have been a case of a borderline trade signal, that only hit a threshold on some brokers and not others.

    Trading at an unregulated broker?

    No. I only trade at regulated brokers because of funds safety issues.

  5. ThinkForex – standard
    Sell 1.41450 -> close 1.41346 = 10.4 pips (swap = -1.5)
    Sell 1.41456 -> close 1.41352 = 10.4 pips

  6. my finfx account is the ECN low spread with commission.
    I will trade with it for a while and will see after few months the conclusion …I keep u posted

  7. I have just started Megadroid on Alpari UK and so far it is trading 3 Days a week on avarage for last three week . Lost much money before with other robot but so far Megadroid send me all back . Love this Robot .

  8. Thanks albatore,

    It will be interesting to see how they compare to the other brokers. I personally never trade at non-regulated brokers, but those results would be useful for those people who do.

  9. Hi ashraf,

    Just keep in mind that the Megadroid trade frequency does vary. The average trades per month is about 8, but it can be as low as 2 or 3 (See February 2011 Results). It all depends on whether or not the EUR/USD price action generates trade signals.

    Right now we’ve had about 3 profit months in a row, but we’ll inevitably have some loss months at some point, and there’ll be periods with low trade counts as well. The key is to stay consistent. I know a few people who gave up in February because of the low trade counts. But those who persisted through this period have done well.

  10. Hi Richard
    Thanks for your reply . As Megadroid only does few trade , what Lot size you normally use . I am using 4% risk of my investment ( Though it is a personal choice ) What do you recommend ? Default is around 15% I think . I am new in forex and in Megadroid as well .

    Any advice is appreciated


  11. Hi ashraf,

    Whether to trade, and how much to trade really is a personal decision. It’ll depend on your own financial situation and risk tolerance. Remember forex is considered a high risk form of investment and is not for everyone.

    If I were starting out, I’d trade very small until I gained some experience and confidence.

    Megadroid trading characteristics can give traders a false sense of confidence. This is because the win rate is high (about 90%). However this advantage is offset to a large extent by the high risk:reward ratio i.e. loss trades are in the 50 to 120 pip range compared to winning trades that are in the range of 1 to 15 pips. So the typical trade pattern is numerous small winning trades over a few consecutive months, with a few large loss trades in between. Thus far, despite the large losses, the strategy has been profitable overall. But of course nothing is certain. i.e. profitable strategies can become unprofitable in the future. That’s just the nature of strategy based trading in all realms.

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