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Megadroid Results: Thur 16th June 2011 — 16 Comments

  1. Fx Primus (Live)

    S1 Sell: 23:00 1.4182 -> 5:35:00 1.4181 = 1 pip

    Since this is a 4 digit account MD probably took profit at 1 pip. I have MD running on a 5 digit account with the same broker which closed at 0.2 pips profit.

  2. I think it was a pathetic trade today. MD opened the trade well into the N session. I was kind of shock to see such an early trade, and consequesnce, well, 0.2 pips on FinFx, but I had 10 lots open, one stage it was -3500$.

    Anyways, happy that it broke even.

    Looking forward to another trade 🙂


  3. That was a real butt clencher last night wasnt it lads!
    Like you jagstrack, I was down quite heavy as well…
    Almost made me reconsider my extremely aggressive setting of 50% risk…!
    Almost… 😉
    Only to hit breakeven.. instead of letting it run and hit the damn TP..
    Sometimes megadroid trades like a muppet and you want to smack it round the head.

  4. liteforex.mx 1 trade -2.1pips
    2011/06/16 23:00:00 Sell 1.49 EURUSDX 1.41831 1.42446 1.41331 2011/06/17 05:30:00 1.41852 0.00 0.00 – 3.13$ – 2.1pips

  5. Looks like the euro debt crisis is affecting volatility, lucky not to hit S/L, hopefully next week will be more successful.

  6. @ Piplikka

    I do not have risk setting to 50% but I have fixed lots set on 34.000$ account on ECN finfx. I have risk set to 0% but lot size set to 15 lots.

    I just wanna see how it goes for a month with this settings. Willing to loose some to make some. But this trade made me rethink on mysettings. Though that night, lots were set to just 5 standard lots.

    Anyways, I ll give it a go for a month and if it works fine, ll continue if not, I ll trade manually.

    Best regards.

  7. when I see the history of all trades made with megatroid; Is it really possible to make such a result as they claim on there homepage of megatroid?

  8. In my view risk management is the key. Jagstrack – a lot size of 15 could wipe most of your account if MD has both an S1 & S2 trade in one session which both hit S/L. I personally find a lot size of 3-6 is more manageable as regular profit is taken and losses are limited.

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