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Megadroid Results: Thur 21st July 2011 — 21 Comments

  1. activtrades : -1.1 +15.1 = 14 pips
    fxpro : 0.1 + 15 : 15.1 pips
    alpari : 0.1 + 15 :15.1
    finfx : -24 + +6.3 + 6.8 = -10.9 🙁 why FINX did 3 trades 🙁

  2. Also….

    I must not have been paying enough attention when I updated to 1.36, as some how I had Remote Safety Mode On and therefore missed the trade last night on Alpari Classic (I tells you that trading has been disabled due to dangerous market conditions)

  3. No trades here as I had the Remote Safety Mode On. Great to compare vs. Richards results with Remote Safe Mode Off.

    Interestingly given the fun volatile day we had, I had been thinking of turning off MegaDroid in the evening time if the meetings dragged on… which as a general rule is probably a good idea (imho)

    Richard – happy though to see how you perform with it always on – not looking to get into a debate on how to manage MegaDroid, it’s a personal trading choice!

  4. Hey Chris,

    RemoteSafetyMode is the correct name of the setting. It is impossible that MD displays the message when the setting is set to false.

    If you think you really have this issue – contact megadroid support team here: forex-megadroid.com/support/

  5. Hi Huwee,

    The performance comparison between Remote Safety Mode On versus Off will be an interesting one.

    Starting from August, I’ve decided to enable Remote Safety Mode on one of my 2 InterbankFx accounts. That way I can starting comparing the performance.

    I think the concept is a good one, but I guess we’ll need to see a few months of trade data to draw any conclusions.

  6. Hi Pete,

    “Have you updated to version 1.37? Are you aware of the changes?”

    I’ve updated my trading platforms to version 1.37 over the weekend.

    There’s been no strategy changes. They’ve fixed a problem that occurred if you used manual GMT settings. I personally use auto GMT on all of my accounts, so I shouldn’t see any change, but I thought I’d updated to the latest version anyway.

  7. Hi Albatore,

    3 trades? I suppose you had the same issue that I had… more than 2 trades by MD. According MD support it shouldn’t happen.

    Were they 3 trades opened at the same time? You may want to check if all 3 trades match S1 or S2 references that you have set. Here I got up to 6 trades and most of them didn’t match the references I had set….. very strange.

  8. again today on my finfx account I got 3 trades :
    6+6+6.1= 18.1 trades
    please find the detail of my trades :
    07.27.2011 01:51 07.27.2011 02:13 EURUSD Buy 1.43825 1.45096 1.45038 1.45099 6.1

    07.27.2011 00:25 07.27.2011 01:21 EURUSD Sell 1.45744 1.45071 1.45131 1.45071 6.0

    07.27.2011 00:28 07.27.2011 00:38 EURUSD Sell 1.45762 1.45101 1.45165 1.45105 6.0

  9. Hi Albatore,

    I understand that the 3 trades you had on 26th July would be ok given they weren’t simultaneously. You had only 2 open orders at the same time – probably S1 and S2 trades.

    I’m just wondering about 2 details:
    – time: usually MD places the orders 22:00 to 00:00h – in your cause it seems to be happening from 00:00 to 2:00h. Would you have your GMT set as Auto? Are you already using version 1.37?
    – why you had trades on 26th and we had no other reports – would it be due to a good market condition in the shifted hours you had?

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