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Megadroid Results: Thur 4th Aug 2011* — 9 Comments

  1. It will be really interesting to get feedback on users with and without RemoteSafetyMode. Please when you post your results so add if RemoteSafetyMode was True or False.

  2. activtrades : no trades
    fxpro : no trades
    alpari : -0.5 pips
    finfx : 0.6 pips

    Luckily I did not get the SL….
    however my trades was not at the same time than yours… I already noticed that every trades that are too closed from the open MD time frame (22:00)are some times missed.
    My 2 trades were triggered at 22:11.

  3. Hi Marius,

    I’ll start putting in the state of the Remote Safety Mode in the daily results. That way we’ll be able to see the impact.

    There were 2 trades in August when it blocked trades. One was a profit day, and one was a loss day.

    At the end of the month I’ll calculate the impact this feature would have had on my results for the month.

  4. Hi Richard, tx for the reply… I guess the * in the daily results are when Remote Safety Mode would have made a differance?

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