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Megadroid Results: Tues 9th Aug 2011* — 15 Comments

  1. RemoteSafetyMode would have prevented this loss.

    Interesting. In fact RemoteSafetyMode would have prevented 2 large losses this month had I enabled this option, and only missed out on about 15 pips profits.

  2. activtrades : 0.1 pips
    fxpro : 0.7 pips
    alpari : 0.4 pips
    finfx : -0.5 pips

    as usual I missed the trades which is starting at the MD timeframe trades hour. 10PM I still don’t know why but it is always the case when I’m missing trades ….
    by the way I had reduced my lot because of FOMC.

  3. I want to add as well Richard, if you compare now the number of pips for the accounts that were active one year ago … you are now in negative …. grrr

  4. I asked MD support why my demo took a losing trade when the RemoteSafetyMode was on. They still haven’t given me an answer after 4 days. Maybe someone can also pressure them. It is a serious issue. Does it only work on live accounts?

  5. RemoteSafetyMode saved me from losing on Go Markets and AxiTrader live accounts today. I just wonder if its server dependent. The only reply I got from support regarding why my demo account took a trade the other day when RSM was on
    “Our server allowed the trade, so just wait until the trade will be closed.”

    ….go figure….

  6. Aspro,

    I am using a demo account and the RSM has saved me the last two big losers.

    Do you set GmtOffset manually? Or do you have:

    Can’t really think of any other reason.


  7. I would have been around 100 pips better off if I used RSM this month.

    Even though I’m not a big fan of manual intervention, the trade data is suggesting it may well be a sensible option, especially in the current volatile trading conditions.

    Therefore I’m considering enabling it.

    We’re currently getting very high monthly trade counts because of the volatility, so missing a few profit trades because of RSM shouldn’t be a big issue, especially if we also miss a few big losers.

    Right now I’m about break-even overall for the year in dollar terms. I’m still confident I can end the year in profit.

  8. Thanks Russell,
    I have both those params set to auto, but I just noticed I did not put in the the receipt code. Madby this will help,

  9. Hi Charles,

    ” how would you know that RSM will always prevent such a bad trade from happening ?”

    RSM won’t prevent a bad trade from happening. The idea is the reduce the probability of a bad trade happening by disabling Megadroid during excessively volatile market conditions. So there’s a chance we’ll still get a large loss with RSM enabled. (See Decided to Enable Megadroid Remote Safety Mode)

    ” how would you know if RSM is enable and you would have missed the trade ?”

    There’s no way of knowing, other than by comparing the results to those who have RSM disabled on their accounts.

    I’m planning on running 2 of my 10 Megadroid accounts with RSM disabled, so that I’ll be able see how many trades RSM blocks each month.

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