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September 2011 Summary — 21 Comments

  1. Hi Richard,
    This would be the 5th month in 2011 in loss. Don’t you think the older version was better? MD was the only trustable bot in market, and it is no more as it seems. I hope things would change soon.

  2. Hi Jagstrack,

    This is the worst performance we’ve seen with this strategy thus far. I’m down for the year, but not by that much overall because there’s been some good months as well.

    I still have a chance of turning a profit this year, so I’m happy to continue.

    The unstable financial markets are no doubt having an impact on this strategy, but at some point that will settle.

  3. Hi again,
    I wonder why a strategy that was so successful is not working now. I know market conditions are not stable, but there have been far worse conditions preiously and MD worked great. Could it be that they have changed the strategy little?

    But in anycase, I hope that it performs well in the last part of 2011.

  4. guys i dont know what you are talking about i started my md on aug 14th 2011 and its been aqbout a month now ive had like 5 or 6 trades all winners, and im up 6.9% in my first month!!! who can beat that no bank or cd is offering anywhere CLOSE to that!!! i say if your getting 4% or better return your beating half the offers out there, so be happy and stop complaining…

  5. Hi Richard,
    Why don’t you give a shot on FinFx. It’s workin fine with MD.
    It made me few more pips than the brokers you have listed.
    And more importantly, lost less pips on a losing trade.

    September is turning out to be a good month.


  6. Hi Edy,
    I am using ECN account. I never had any problems with withdrawal. So far there’s nothing I can complaint about FinFx. Though I am using them only since July.

  7. First.. megadroid is a good product… unfortinately GREED has taken control. The new versions of megadroid are intentionally failing. They upsell you to death. They cant do that if the product you are using is successful. I use 1.21 still. it is doing great as it always has.. not like 1.35-1.37. It pisses me off that they FORCE you to upgrade to the newer CRAPPO versions that fail so they can loco upsell you. I think the early versions performed 2 good. They realized that the bombardment of upsells would do better if megadroid did worse. Another thing also –> the errors about winini net, authentication and other “server communication errord”.. they can disable your copy any time they want with these supposed authentication errors. it has screwed my trading up a few times.

  8. Hi Scott,

    I don’t think they’d intentionally want the new versions to fail, since all the upgrades are free. Version 1.21 did trade 1 hour latter than the current version, so it’s quite possible there’s significant difference between the old and the new.

    Re-upsells. Yes, I agree they can be very annoying. But unfortunately that’s the way with all Internet Marketed products. I’ve rarely been able to purchase something online without some extra being offered.

    It’s been a tough few months for Megadroid, and I think that’s primarily due to the market conditions. I’ve also had difficulties trading other strategies with stocks and futures over this period. The market’s have been very volatile, and highly sensitive to news events. Hopefully things will settle soon.

  9. Hi Jagstrack,

    I don’t use them because they’re not regulated.

    Version 1.21
    It’s no longer supported. The main difference was that it traded 1 hour latter. You can simulate that by adjusting the gmt settings manually.

  10. Hi Richards,
    Thanks for the info. I ll adjust Gmt settings manually.
    It would be interesting to see the results after such settings.

  11. I’m still not 100% convinced about RSM. It seems my RSM disabled accounts did about 30 pips better this month, furthermore RSM didn’t prevent the 90 pips loss that occurred on 3 of my accounts either. I’m considering disabling it on all of my accounts.

  12. Albatore, thats really good results for you. Did you have RSM enabled or disabled in september? I am using FinFx (ECN) too and it’s doing fine. I had RSM enabled and got less pips than you did. But sept was a great month. I am disabling RSM for october.


  13. RSM is desabled for me;
    the difference is that I never get the trades which start at 22H00 precise, most of them has been loosing ones for you so I don’t complain, but I still don’t know why I never get those trades ….

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