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Megadroid Results: Mon 26th Sep 2011 — 12 Comments

  1. Hi,

    Today my live FxPro account did not have any trade, I’m wondering why and are the trades shown from fxpro is running on Live accounts?

  2. The Megadroid monthly trade count is actually a good indirect indicator of market volatility.

    If you look at the Monthly Results, you’ll see that the average trade count is about 8-9 per month. During the recent loss months (June, July, Aug), the trade counts were around 15 because of the market volatility due to the US debt situation and the financial problems in Greece. The Megadroid strategy took a lot of losses during this period.

    In September the markets have settled a little, and the Megadroid trade counts are back to their average (around 8-9 trade per month), and the strategy is performing much better.

  3. Hi Victor,

    Sometimes there’s variation in trade results between people using the same brokers. Sometimes I’ve missed trades other people get and vice versa. There’s many possible reasons. Just make sure the Megadroid EA is enabled and authenticated OK. Also check the log (under the Journal’s Tab). That might show the reason e.g. a platform disconnect at the time of the trade, or a requote etc. The trade was placed on my account at FxPro Server time 0:00:35 – so look for any log messages around this time.

  4. Hi Rich,
    You’re right about the market volatility. But also the fact that new version trades one hour earlier has led to MD gettin more trades.

    What are your views on MD trading one hour earlier? Would it add to more profitable trades or cause losses?


  5. Hi Jagstrack,

    I actually ran a Megadroid account trading one hour latter from August to November last year.

    (See Adding a new Alpari Megadroid Account trading 1 hour latter and Decided to stop trading using the Alpari UK Late Settings)

    You’ll see the performance of that account in the Monthly Results. Over that period of time, trading 1 hour latter was definitely worse than the standard trading times, and so I aborted the experiment.

    If you feel that trading latter will perform better, you can always repeat the experiment and see what happens I guess.

    But in my view the losses we saw in June, July and August were related to the market instability rather than the trading times. Also remember that August would have been a profit month if I had enabled RSM from the start of the month.

    There’s always a chance of more loss months this year if the market instability escalates again. We’ll just have to wait and see. At this stage I’m in profit for the year though which is good considering the difficult conditions.

  6. Hi Richard,
    That’s great. I am in profit too with FinFx. Problem is that when Ny session closes, it opens the trade, and usually durin those hours, volatility is high. I would like to set GMT just 0:30 mins late.

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