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Megadroid Results: Mon 3rd Oct 2011 — 13 Comments

  1. Hi Mark,

    Are you sure?

    The server time on the MB Trading account is actually set to EST, and the trades on that account were opened at 16:46:54 and 17:11:02, so before 6pm EST.

    In Australia, we’ve changed over to the Daylight Savings Time, so the trading window is now 1 hour latter relative to the local timezone, but from what I can tell today’s trades still occurred between 4pm and 6pm EST.

  2. Richard,

    I trade with IBFX. I’m located in the U.S. Central time zone and currently on DST (-5 GMT). During the summer when we are on DST, my trades go in between 3pm and 5pm local time (IBFX server time 20:00 to 22:00). My IBFX trade went in at 22:08 (5:08pm local time – 6:08 Eastern). I checked my trade activity and since going on DST (March 13, 2011) I’ve only had trades from GMT hours 20:00 – 22:00. I called IBFX and they have not changed their server time – it is still GMT +0. My MD setting have not changed either – still on auto.

  3. Hi Mark,

    I see what you mean.

    Looks like my MB Trading trades occurred between 4pm and 6pm EST, but the IBFX and other trades occurred between 5pm and 7pm EST like you said.


    My understanding is that it should always trade between 4pm and 6pm EST. Version 1.21 used to trade between 5pm and 7pm EST.

    It’s interesting how this has happened when some timezones have changed to/from Day Light Savings. Perhaps this changeover has unearthed a bug in the way they determine the start and end trading times. It’s hard to know without having access to the code.

    Right now EST is still on DayLight Savings time. In a few weeks it’ll shift back 1 hour. Perhaps they made the Daylight Savings adjustment a few weeks early? If that is the case, in a few weeks we’ll be trading between 4pm and 6pm EST again.

    I’ve sent an email to Megadroid Support for some clarification. I’ll let you know what they say.

  4. Here is the reply Re why the trade was opened when RSM was enabled on my account:

    “Please ensure that you didn’t disable Remote Safety Mode in the settings, as in such case Megadroid could open the trade. The signal was sent in time from our server, so you shouldn’t have trade opened of course if you had internet connection.”

    They dont seem to acknowledge that there could be a problem. But its happened to several of us on this chat site so I dont think we could all be disconnected from the internet at the same time. Despite the occassional problem I will continue to run RSM and see how we go.

  5. Hi Richard,

    Actually the first trade went in at 4:46pm Eastern time. That would put the MD trading hours at 4-7pm Eastern. FYI, the U.S. moves off DST on Sunday, November 6, 2011.

  6. Hi Mark,

    They wanted me to pass on my log files so they could look into it, but I was too busy at the time to follow it up.

    It sounds like it shouldn’t have happened though. Next time you see it happen, forward your log files to megadroid support and they should be able to look into it.

  7. Hi Richard,

    Thanks for the follow up. I’ll let MD support know if it happens again. My concern being that if there is a connectivity problem the trade may not close. Hopefully it was a fluke.

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