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Megadroid Results: Thur 6th Oct 2011 — 9 Comments

  1. Hi Ross,

    I’ve noticed that on some accounts the TP and SL isn’t set, whereas on other accounts it is. I’m not sure the reason for this variation, but if they aren’t set Megadroid will still close the trade at the appropriate profit or loss level.

  2. As I know, on ECN brokers MD removes SL and TP exactly before closing the order. So tehnicaly your orders have SL an TP.
    ATC – 17 pips.
    Fxcbs – 18 pips.

  3. Actually in the logs I can see the SL and TP being set but when the trade is close, but when MD closes the trader early like it did with that one, SL and TP isnt shown. I guess its normal then

  4. Hi Sam,

    I personally prefer to trade fixed lots for every trade because this means I risk the same dollar amount on every trade.

    I don’t use recovery mode, because this feature doubles the lots size (i.e. doubles the dollar risk per) after a few losing trades.

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