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Megadroid Results: Wed 19th Oct 2011 — 5 Comments

  1. Alpari UK classic
    Sell S2
    0.6 pips

    Does someone know why Swap cost was so high today compared to another days?
    The profit didn’t even paid a swap cost of 0.74 GBP.

  2. So what about Time switching (GMT) in Euope/USA. They have different days they switch. Everybody: Do you take that into account? I personally will switch off all as scalpers next week.

  3. Hi Bonestucker,

    Megadroid opens trades between 4PM and 6PM EST i.e. New York time. That timezone changes to non-daylight savings in a few weeks. I’m pretty sure Megadroid will automatically adjust when that changeover occurs so long as you’re using the AutoGmt settings.

  4. Thanks Richard! I will switch to autogmt and reduce risk until all time zones are in non-dst mode. I dont rely on the autogmt 100%. I am not sure if they coded autogmt correct for all combinations of new york time / broker time / vps server time, especially when brokers timezone switches dst on another date than new york time.

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