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Megadroid Results: Tue 20th Dec 2011* — 8 Comments

  1. Hello Richard, would you recomend me open an account in alpari, i say this, because for instance i use liteforex. and a lot of days you recieve trades in alpari or InterbankFx meanwhile in lite forex everything is pretty quiet

  2. Hi Jorge,

    I’d prefer not to recommend any broker. But it makes sense to trade more at a broker that is getting more trades through each month and less at those that aren’t performing as well. That’s the whole reason why I record my results are different brokers in this trade journal blog.

    Just remember that performance at a broker can change for the better or worse quite suddenly, so it’s important to keep tracking your results.

    LiteForex. I have no exeprience with them. I personally only trade at regulated brokers for funds safety reasons.

  3. Thanks god I had the option turned on as well. However, I’m still really doubtful on letting the robot run during christmas/new year period…

  4. I agree John.

    I won’t be trading Megadroid next week i.e. the week between Christmas and new year.

    The light volume at this time of the year can cause big, short-lived moves on the EUR/USD pair that can easily hit Megadroid’s stop levels.

    I might trade one account “unofficially”, using small lots just as a learning exercise.

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