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Megadroid Results: Mon 5th Mar 2012 — 11 Comments

  1. has anyone else had this problem… my megadroid hasnt traded since the 23rd of feb!! thats like 12 days!!!! anyone else having problems plsz let me know


  2. Hi Chris,

    It’s just been a quiet few weeks. Apart from this spurious MB Trading trade, I haven’t got any trades since 23rd of Feb either.

    The market’s price action is just not generating signals at the moment.

  3. At MD tradingtime right now it’s too quiet for MD with a deviation of 10 max. 20 pips at the moment. With a spread of normally something about 2.3 a 2.8 there isn’t much room for a MD-trade.

    we will see…after de Greece outcome at thursday, I think the market will change and also MD is likely to have have more trades then last period. At this period at the end of NewYork tradetime… no news is coming and thereby the market is very carefull this period!

  4. Thought I’d post a daily chart of the Dow.

    Yesterday we had a huge 200 point drop – the biggest for the year. The media are blaming it on the “Greece situation” and/or slowed growth in China, but it could just be some profit taking by big funds. No one really knows for sure.

    Will be interesting to see if the uptrend continues, or if this is the start of a bigger decline.

    It’s also interesting to correlate the Dow chart with Megadroid’s performance. On that chart you’ll see a period of instability around July/August 2011 which was when we got some large losses on Megadroid.


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