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Megadroid Results: Thur 22nd Mar 2012 — 23 Comments

  1. IAMFX + 4 pips.. could have been different eitherway, i was watching and closed the trade as it was going downhill quite fast. maybe i wont watch next time.

  2. Hello Richard
    What type of account do you use on IBFX?
    Is it IBFX US?
    Have you any difficults with 1:50 leverage?


  3. Hi Andrew.

    I have a US and an Australian account.

    ‘InterbankFx’ = InterbankFx US, leverage 1:50, server: IBFX-MT4 Mini-4
    ‘InterbankFx AU’ = InterbankFx Australia, leverage 1:400, server: IBFXAU-MT4-IM01

    The lower leverage just means you need more money in the account to trade the same size. I trade pretty conservatively so it’s not a problem for me. But for those who trade aggressively, this 1:50 could be a limitation.

  4. Hi Guys, Hi Richard…

    I get a mail and I’m not sure what to think…
    This mail saiys that EAs wont be work on META TRADER 4 BUILD 418!
    What do you think Richard?


  5. Thank you for that information Siegfried.

    I haven’t heard of that problem before.

    I just checked my MT4 terminals, and I’m currently using Build 409 or earlier. I might put off upgrading for a while until this issue is clarified.

  6. Hi Richard,

    OK now I’m confused. I use AxiTrader (demo and live). Tried to have a look at the conditions when you reported the 22 March MD trade took place. What I found is confusing as neither the open nor close events are in the trading range for those minutes.


    What is wrong? That aside I see no reason that anyone or robot would open a trade at the reported time and from the observed price action or lack of it.


  7. Hi Phil,

    The trades were placed at about 17:33 EST (NY Time), but the Axitrader server is 7 hours ahead of EST, so this will be Friday 23rd at 0:33:25 on the Axitrader MT4 chart. The chart you posted is one day before that, and that’s why the prices don’t match.

  8. Yes I am very happy with todays trade on my IC Markets True ECN account. Picked up another 3.3 pips.

    Returns seem be quite consistent over the last week or so with very little slippage on the trades.

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