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Megadroid Results: Wed 6th June 2012 — 11 Comments

  1. More platform crashes today. I’ll need to look into it. Some sort of compatibility issue between the MT4 terminals and the megadroid.dll file.

  2. Hey Richard

    Where are you trading from. I am in Aus and have Go Markets and did not get a trade in today, yet your data says that there was a trade made albeit -0.1 pips. My MT4 did crash this morning but i don’t know at what time. Any other thoughts on why yours traded and mine didn’t?

  3. Hello all,

    i have also update some MT4 clints and some one on old MT4 419

    Pepperstone MT4 432 crash
    FxPro MT4 419 crash
    Alpari MT4 419 crash

    MIG Bank MT4 432 run good
    FX Salt MT4 432 run good

    Bluevestor Limited Team

  4. i updated my MT4 plataforms, so lets see how it goes today, BTW i notice that the spread in alpari demo account now is 8-125 wuth 0.5 lots, was different before :O

  5. Well, I’m still not exactly sure what caused my problem. Of my 10 accounts, about 4 of them crashed. The crash report mentioned a problem with the megadroid.dll file.

    I decided to do a fresh install for all 10 accounts, and reboot. I’m definitely running build 432 on all accounts now. I’m not really convinced that I’ve fixed the problem.

  6. Hi Jack,

    I was also having platform problems today . I think my GO markets terminal crashed (after it closed the trade), but the Axitrader account seemed to keep working OK.

    Regardless of the current problems, you’ll often see variation in trade results even at the same broker. Usually those variations average themselves out over time though.

  7. @ Richard
    I think also that installing new the EA and a checking the rights on dll under win is not the reason why MD under MT4 is crashing becourse on my MT4 432 by Pepperstone also chrash and the dll has all rights under win7

    Bluevestor Limited Team

  8. I installed new MT4 and the updated Megadroid and I’ve been fine – albeit I’m only running 2 machines.

    FCDD 1 trade +.1 pip
    IBFX 1 trade +.7 pip

    Not great, but better than a loss.

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