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Megadroid Results: Thur 7th June 2012 — 20 Comments

  1. My Windows “Event Viewer” says the 3 crashes occurred at 3:15 PM EST i.e. 45 minutes before the Megadroid session started. That’s why no trades were left open on those accounts.

  2. I’m running Megadroid on FXDD Malta, Tadawul FX and Alpari mini, all demo accounts. All terminals crashed today!

    Does anyone have any news about a solution?

  3. Hi Elvis,

    I had the same problem today.

    I’ve contacted Megadroid support and they’re looking into the cause of the problem.

    Today my terminals crashed at around 3PM EST

  4. I had some trades yesterday
    Alpari UK Mini 0.1 pips
    FXDD Malta 0.5 pips
    TadawulFX 2 trades 1 pips and 11 pips!

    I’m not sure if Megadroid is working correctly with TadawulFX. There seems to be some trouble with the time settings.

    @Richard, the terminals of FXDD and Alpari UK crashed at 21.00 local time, 15.00 EST. Seems like my terminals crashed at the same time as yours! I’m using Windows 7.

    TadawulFX crashed 1 hour later, but I think that’s related to the time setting trouble of Megadroid with TadawulFX.

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