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New Account – ActivTrades (ceasing FxPro) — 3 Comments

  1. Hi,
    Why you stop your fxpro account? is it citi fxpro? I am us resident, what is your recommendation of broker?

  2. Hi Song,

    “Why did you stop your fxpro account?”

    No particular reason. They’ve been OK, but I wanted to try Activtrades and see if I could improve my performance.

    “What is your recommendation for a broker?”

    I’d prefer not to recommend a particular broker. IMO the best approach is to choose a broker that’s regulated and performs well with this strategy.

    Performance can be assessed by looking through my Monthly Results. You’ll notice I get more trades through on some brokers than others. For example, my InterbankFx account has been performing well this year but my FxSol account has been performing poorly.

    I personally only use brokers that are regulated for safety reasons. Without proper regulation there’s no protection against brokers unfairly manipulating trades. In addition, regulation generally ensures brokers have adequate levels of capitalisation, and are regularly audited.

    Here’s the process I go through when choosing a broker…


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