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Megadroid Results: Wed 19th Dec 2012 — 6 Comments

  1. Alpari UK classic
    S1 buy 0.1 pip
    S2 buy 0 pip

    After a long time and big risk it finally closed at breakeven this morning…

    Regarding Real Time Case Study at MD website … the report shows 5 orders were placed and the final result was a significant loss.

  2. Hi Roger,

    Strange. None of my orders stopped out, although they were in 20-30 pips drawdown.

    My IBFX orders took the longest the close out because they had the worst entries.

  3. If I set VolatilityAware to true does this mean that it could increase my risk by making the SL bigger? If so is there a limit to which the SL can be increased?

    If I set my risk to 10% and I enable DollarAveraging is the first trade taken using 10% and the next also taken using 10%?

  4. Hi aspro,

    As Vladymir said, “DollarAveraging” makes the extra trade 1.5 x the size of the first.

    “VolatilityAware” increases the SL so if there’s more volatility, it could increase your risk. I assume the stop is fixed if this feature is disabled, but I’m not 100% sure. Best way to find out is to run a backtest with this feature enabled and disabled and see what happens re. stop loss size. I don’t know of anyway to actually set a fixed stop level, other than changing it manually once the trade is placed.

    I currently have both these features enabled.

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