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Megadroid Results: Mon 25th Nov 2013 — 4 Comments

  1. My MB trading account trade took ages to close. Was also down 10 to 15 pips at one point. The other accounts closed much earlier.

    A lot depends on the fill price. If your order get slipped a bit, it might just miss an exit price, that a trade on another broker with a better fill gets. That’s why trades can sometimes stay open longer.

  2. Hi Richard

    This time MB trading o.k. (Lotsize >= 0.1 was required) :
    EURUSD SELL 0.2 1.35204 -> 1.35286 -16 PIP position kept for 127 Minutes
    EURUSD SELL 0.3 1.35340 -> 1.35283 +18 PIP position kept for 30 Minutes
    In Total +2.x PIP is in total +0.07 USD (nothing to eat for this 🙁 )

    EURUSD SELL 0.2 1.35214 -> 1.35302 -18.x PIP position kept for 4 hours
    EURUSD SELL 0.3 1.35361 -> 1.35303 +18.x PIP position kept for 4 hours
    In Total +0.x PIP is in total +0.20 USD

    Same entry/exit problem with an other similar EA (what i run on 4 accounts).
    Might even in a loss when exit price is just missed and price turns around 😮 I closed those manually with small profit)

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