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Megadroid Results: Mon 19th May 2014 — 4 Comments

  1. Roboforex Standard Pro Ac 1 : 1.2 PIPS 1.37073 -> 1.37085
    Roboforex Standard Pro Ac 1 : 1.4 PIPS 1.37073 -> 1.37087

    Hi Richard, i increased my position size a bit.
    Related to the traded position size it’s only little profit otherwise compared to other EA’s (not considereed trade frequneny, risk, it’S hard to compare i know).

  2. I had no trades at Alpari UK (classic)….

    Richard,I’ve just receive an email from Alpari UK stating:
    “The execution type on your Live Micro account will be changing from instant execution to market execution on Sunday 1 June 2014. ”

    Do you think we may face some issue with MD ?

  3. Hi Roger,

    That’s interesting.

    Market Execution basically means you won’t get requotes BUT you might get slipped because there’s no slippage control with Market Execution i.e you can’t set the maximum deviation. But orders can still be rejected for other reasons.

    MT4 brokers have all been gradually moving from Instant Execution to Market Execution over the past 3-4 years. IMO the “Market Execution” type of market orders favours the broker more than the trader. The Brokers say that it favours the trader because of “no requotes”, but in practice orders can be rejected by the broker for other reasons, and the loss of slippage control is a major downside.

    Not sure how it’ll impact Megadroid performance. We’ll have to wait and see. Slippage is the main concern with “Market Execution” MT4 brokers, because even just 1-2 pips worse price on the Megadroid trade entry can mean the difference between a break even trade or a full loss of 50-100 pip.

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