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FXCM have taken over IBFX — 3 Comments

  1. Hi Ling,

    Difficult question.

    For safety, probably Oanda, because they are US regulated and have a huge amount of capital according to their quartrly CTFC financial lodgements. Oanda is considerably bigger than FXCM. IMO US regulation is better than UK and Australian regulation, because the US regulators are more pro-active i.e. they closely track broker’s financials during the year and publish that data on their website.

    Execution. They seem pretty similar at the moment, although I haven’t got any data for FXCM yet. Activtrades seems to be getting more trades than the others over the past month or 2. Not sure why.

  2. Here’s a link to the CTFC financial data for the brokers:



    Adjusted Net Capital for July 2014

    MT4 Brokers
    Oanda $85,909,721
    FXCM $50,384,360
    MB Trading $24,342,165
    FXDD $20,666,105
    Non-MT4 Brokers
    Interactive Brokers $2,179,557,838
    TD Ameritrade $303,747,941

    Interesting to see how poorly capitalised the MT4 brokers are compared to the big retail brokers like IB and TD Ameritrade.

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