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Megadroid Results: Wed 26th Aug 2015 — 6 Comments

  1. Hi Yeeshin,

    Dear sir, can I ask for Oanda broker, due to their low leverage (1:50), I have to set the Risk Level at 0.8 to perform backtest on par with other broker which has leverage of 1:200.
    Do you think it is dangerous to do so in live trade?


    As far as I concern, the position size that MegaDroid used under different leverage are different, so I have to increase it on low leverage broker to run the same result as on other high leverage brokers.

    Megadroid will display the lot size it will use on the chart, based on the risk setting.

    Use this lot size to work out how much you’re risking, and assume a large loss is about 150 pips. So if you’re trading 0.1 lot, then 150 pips is a $150 risk (150 pips x $1/pip), which is 15% on a 1k USD account.

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